Writing Opportunity: FAQs

Hello potential guest blogger. 

Nice to meet you! Thanks for your interest in Mumtopia. 

If you would like to write a guest post, I've put some FAQs on this page to guide you. 

Who writes for Mumtopia?
Click here to see the other guest posts that that have been written for Mumtopia so far by a wide range of people, from nutritionists to home-schoolers

What shall I write about?
You are welcome to write about any subject as long as it is in keeping with the blog: This is a blog to help my fellow mums. Instead of being full of my daily gripes and moans, Mumtopia is full of things that are positive, things that work, things that'll make life better. 

The readership is mums with kids usually at primary school; SAHM, WAHM and working outside the home; UK and US based, usually in the 34 - 45 age-range. 

You could write under the following headings if you like: 

How much shall I write?
Around 300 - 500 words would be fine. Feel free to introduce yourself and link to your blog, website, facebook page etc. You can see the kind of stuff I've written about over the past few years, if you need any ideas but it is fine to do something totally different. Please make sure that your piece is your own work and that you have the right to submit it for publication on this website.

Will I get paid?
Please understand that there will be no payment for guest blog pieces. 

What format do you want?
If you want to feature photos please attach them to the email rather than include them in your text. Please email the piece to me as a word document. Any photos need to be either by you or copyright free. Please spell-check and proof-read and I will too, so we don't miss any typos etc. 

Will I definitely get published on Mumtopia?
I reserve the right to edit or not publish (but I'm sure that won't happen). Let me know if you have any questions.

When do you want it?
If you are able to do this before the end of the month that's great, otherwise, let me know when to expect something from you. 

What if I change my mind?
Also, if you don't want to do it after all, just drop me an email, it'll help with my planning.

What about a giveaway or review?
Alternatively, or additionally, if you would like me to write a feature/ review/ host a giveaway, please have a look at this part of my blog which explains how I usually arrange that kind of thing.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


PS When your guest post is live, here's a button for you to grab and display on your blog:

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