Friday, 10 January 2014

Cheer Up Hot Water Bottle Cover

I was pretty lonely yesterday. The Evacuees had gone back to school on Monday, and the reality of Not Having a Proper Job (and not wanting one, incidentally) once more began to sink in. When I was depressed, I couldn't wait for Prima and Secundus to start lessons again, but this year, I really miss them.

Refusing to sink, I decided to keep myself as busy as possible. To mop is better than to mope. Making a fish pie for tea, and an apple and berry crumble for afters, lifted my spirits, as did finding time for some crafting in the afternoon.

I managed to make this hot water bottle cover for Secundus before the afternoon school run. Based on a project in Make It and Mend It, it took about an hour, cost nothing, cheered me up and made him happy too.

If you would like to make your own Cheer Up Hot Water Bottle Cover, this is what to do.

1. Draw round your hot water bottle on a large piece of paper, perhaps an A4 envelope opened out.

2. Add a seam allowance, say 1/2" then cut out along this second drawn line, so you now have a template.

3. You will need material which is cosy and doesn't fray, such as fleece or a felted old jumper. Pin your template onto your fabric, making sure any motif or design is central and straight,  and cut out one whole hot water bottle shape. This is piece F. It will be the Front of the hot water bottle cover.

4. Draw a line about two-thirds up your template and fold along it. This will give you a template for the Bottom piece of the Back. That's piece BB. Pin onto your fabric and cut out.

5. To make piece TB, which is the Top of the Back, open out your paper template. Draw a line about two-thirds DOWN. Fold along that and pin it onto the fabric. Cut out.

6. Piece BB and piece TB will overlap as the cover has an envelope-style closing - no velcro, zip etc is needed.

7. Keep any scraps of material for projects that demand them, such as rag rugs (more about mine in another post).

8. Take piece BB and pin a 1cm seam along the top straight edge, then sew across.

9. Make another 1cm seam along the bottom straight edge of piece TB. In the photo on the left you can see piece TB lying on top of piece F.

10. Lay out your three pieces. Piece F goes flat on the table, right side up. Then comes piece TB, right side facing down. Lastly, piece BB, right side facing down. In the photo (right) you can see the back cover of the hot water bottle, with piece BB nearest to the camera.

11. Pin the three layers together and sew, with a 1/2" seam allowance, all the way around the hot water bottle cover. Clip corners and turn right side out.

12 You now have a cosy, frugal hot water bottle to warm your heart.


  1. Great going making your hot water bottle in an hour.

  2. This is cute. Im thinking of trying something similar out.


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