Sunday, 12 January 2014

10 Steps to a Successful Letter of Complaint

Smug enough for ya?!
1. If possible, address the Customer Services Manager by name, otherwise go for "Dear sir or madam". 

2. Start with an email (it's free and quicker) and then go for paper if you get no joy. Keep a copy of what you send.

3. State the item, purchase date, order no. etc. Make sure you are feeling clear and not full of rage before you start writing the main part of the letter.

4. Be brief and to the point, but polite in your opening gambit. "The above item has developed a fault. I have spent the last two hours trying to organise for its repair/ replacement."

5. Outline the steps you have taken to resolve the problem. Do not throw in a lot of angry adjectives. It is best if you have made some notes while you were on-hold trying to get through to the right department etc because then you can be very specific. 

"As it was an online purchase, I telephoned your Customer Services department. I explained the problem and was transferred to the technical support team. I was in the process of confirming my name and address when I was cut off.

I telephoned the technical support dept direct and spoke to Gavin. He explained that there is no support offered in regards to sewing machines, only in connection with other electrical equipment. He advised me to contact my local @@@@@ branch.

I called the Sheffield branch and was advised to contact the manufacturer of the machine. The lady at the Sheffield branch told me this was Janome and gave me their phone number.

After two phonecalls to Janome it emerged that they do not in fact make the @@@@ sewing machine.

I rang the Sheffield store again and was this time put through to Haberdashery. The member of staff offered to call the manufacturer which is in fact Singer and see if they could help.

She kindly called me with their direct line and I rang Singer."

6. Explain how the process concluded. "I have now arranged for the machine to be collected and repaired. I am likely to be without my machine for between 7 and 10 days. It is under guarantee so there will be no charge."

7. Now tell them how you feel. "However, I thought you should know that this is not the level of service I expect from @@@@. I am very upset that the machine needs repair and I am frustrated at having to spend time and money on long distance phone calls."

8. Ask for what you want. "I would like some recompense for the cost of the seven phone calls and a goodwill gesture to help reassure me that it is worth shopping online with @@@@ in future."

9. End politely and make sure that they can get back in touch with you, easily, and have an address to send the goodwill gesture to. 

"I trust that I will hear from you soon. Thank you.
Yours faithfully (if you used sir or madam, otherwise it is Yours sincerely) 


10. Receive by email an apology and by post a £20 gift voucher to be spent online or in-store, plus machine repaired for free. Result

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