Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dig for Victory #4

Super successful this year, my courgettes are still coming thick and fast, but luckily I didn't plant them all out at once in the Spring, so they aren't all needing to be eaten on the same day. Not so with the lettuces which all seemed to bolt overnight. The fruit trees are laden with apples - it looks like it will be a bumper harvest - and there are many plump blackberries in the hedgerows. So blackberry and apple crumble it is!

Eventually we got a small show of Prima Ballerina sweet peas and Cosmos Double Click Rose Bonbon which looked pretty in the front garden - especially next to the lavender bushes (where the bees are still going crazy) - but there weren't many enough for us to pick posies. I will put all my efforts into edible crops next year. The King has hinted that he may make a cold-frame, which would help no end.

The Victory element for the courgettes is the fact that the Evacuees, neither of whom will give a courgette the time of day, have been eating them all summer. This is thanks to my trusted blender which makes it so easy to disguise vegetables in dishes such as this newly discovered bacon lasagne and of course in tomato sauce for pasta and homemade pizza. This pizza was made using a pizza base mix, which I know is a cheat, but it is a choice between that and not making pizza at all, so I think it is a reasonable compromise for live yeast-shy people like me.

Even though we don't attend church services, it is a time for being grateful for the food that we have. I'm especially thankful when I think of the food rationing that took place in my parents' lifetime. I hardly know what hunger is like. Our country really needs a good harvest this year and I have been looking into buying more local, Yorkshire produce, and from a more ethical supermarket (they do exist!). 

More about that another time, as I ought to get started on this week's Creative Home and Garden Hop! 

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  1. Sorry if my blog looks like it needs a bit of a spring clean. I have just installed a new background and template - please bear with me while I get used to it! Hope you like the new look. Thanks for joining in with the blog hop. xx Alison xx

  2. Hi Alison, looks pretty neat to me or are you done sweepin,lol! I love the background actually.

    I just have to say that I love pizza and I'll make it from scratch in a heart beat!


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