Friday, 3 May 2013

Why Friday is Soup Day

Imperial War Museum Eat Your Words Serving Tray by Denby, £9.60
Fridays used to be the day that the King and I avoided doing any more marking or planning and instead put our feet up and fell asleep in front of Inspector Morse. 

Fridays are still special but not quite in the same way since the Evacuees came along. There is, for example, the Friday Treat Jar, which comes out after tea and is filled with snack size offerings from Cadburys. And there is also the fact that Friday is Soup Day.

By Friday, Prima and Secundus are tired and happy to be home and they don't want to eat anything which requires any level of skill or willingness to try new things. What they want is soup. To them, this means Heinz Tomato Soup and nothing else (believe me, I've tried). 

To me, Soup Day is an easy way of using up vegetables which haven't yet been smuggled into pasta sauce, chicken korma etc, or which I have bought in bulk because they are cheap. When you have been given a parsnip by your mother-in-law which can only be described as grotesque, soup is probably the best place for it. 

Trying new soup recipes is a fairly low-risk, low effort way of expanding your repertoire (now that I have a favourite kitchen knife, I feel that I can describe my culinary efforts in posh language), as it doesn't involve regular basting, lattice pastry, or anything involving offal (unless that's what you want, homesteaders).

Home-made vegetable soup gives the family a nutritious, dependable, easy-to-eat and comforting meal at the end of the week, and it also gives you a good excuse to experiment with bread-making - Friday is the only day of the week I regularly make a loaf while the soup is doing its thing in the crock pot. If you haven't tried crock pot cooking yet, save time and money and reduce your stress! Check out the Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book today! A regular soup day is an essential part of my meal planning.

It's the best thing to do with a whole load of mushrooms that were on sale but are looking a bit "moist" right now. If you use the slow cooker, you'll save even more money. As home-made soups are pretty cheap to make (and, in are house are only served to adults) you can afford to experiment. With today's mushroom soup, I have added a parsnip and taken away a potato, and used (very cheap) beer instead of wine or cider. This is not because I don't think the above-mentioned Potato Pete doesn't make good soups; it is just because, as is so often the case, there are a number of bored-looking parsnips in the bottom of my fridge.

This willingness to try new things and learn from mistakes is the core of Mumtopian life. I have no idea whether the leftover raw mushrooms will freeze successfully, just like I have no idea whether mushroom really goes with beer, but on Soup Day I'm Home Front through-and-through. After all, I own a serving tray that declares "I Make Good Soup".

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