Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Gift of Mothers' Day

This was the first Mothers' Day...

...that the picture of "My Mumy" on Secundus' card really did look like me.

...that Prima's list of "Thank you"s written on the inside of her card made me cry.

...that my presents were wrapped in wallpaper and one of them was hand-made - frugal bugle!

... that Prima dressed up as a waitress, wearing a mob cap, presented me with a menu, and asked what she could make me for breakfast.

... that I had a lie-in but ended up coming downstairs because I wanted to be with my family.

... that Prima and Secundus made a chocolate cake.

...that I was able to accept the love that my children have for me is real and unconditional and that motherhood is a gift for life.

...that I knew I was a good mummy.

Cash spent today: £4 on a knitted top from our local charity shop. Warm, flattering and originally from River Island.

Random Awesome thing (from 1000 Awesome Things): #69 Games you made up when you were a kid

Today I am grateful for: all the lessons my children have taught me
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