Monday, 25 March 2013

"Flick O' The Wrist" Wrist Warmers

With the weather continuing to be more Christmassy than Easterish in the UK, wrist warmers are the accessory of choice. You can wear them round the house like Fagin (always a style icon) or under your coat on the school run, and they free up your hands for doing children's buttons/ zips/ shoe-laces up. Wrist warmers are a must for bloggers and sewists like me, and can be made quickly and cheaply out of fleece fabric. Here's how I made mine.

You will need: 
  • tape measure and sharp scissors
  • fleece fabric. I had some in my fabric stash but you could use an old sweater or fleece top. I think you could also try this pattern with felted woollens, denim or other stretch fabric for springtime wear but I haven't experimented with that yet.
  • Tailor's chalk (or the edge of a bar of soap)
  • Sewing machine (or time and patience to hand-sew)
What to do: 
1. Measure width
Measure the width of the hand across the knuckles (without the thumb). (e.g 3”)
Add an inch to this measurement (4”).
Double the above measurement. (8”)
Then add ½" to the final measurement as a seam allowance (8.5”)

2. Measure length
Measure the length of the hand from the knuckles to the point where you want the wrist warmer to extend. Do not add a seam allowance to this measurement. (e.g. 12”)

3. Cut the fabric
Cut two pieces of fleece that are the dimensions you measured in step one. Mine were 8.5” by 12”.

4. Fold and pin (above)
Fold the fleece fabric pieces in half lengthwise, right sides together. Pin the raw length edges together.

5. Make a gap for your thumbs

Measure the distance from the knuckles to the point where your thumb joint begins. Mark this point on the pinned edge of both fleece pieces. Measure down from the first point approximately 1.5" and mark this point along the pinned edge of both fleece pieces, using tailor’s chalk. This will be the opening for the thumbs and you must not sew between these two marks. (You could actually skip this bit and just have wrist warmers that don't go up as far as your thumbs.) 

6. Sew
Stitch the pinned edges of the fleece pieces using a ½" seam allowance. Start sewing at the bottom edge of the wrist warmer and sew until you reach the first mark. Stop stitching to leave the thumb opening. Start stitching again at the second mark and stitch to the top edge of the wrist warmer.

7. Finish
Clip the excess threads and turn the fleece wrist warmers right side out to finish them. It is not necessary to hem the top and bottom edges of the wrist warmers because fleece does not require hemming (hurray!).

8. Feel smug and snug, and show off about it on your blog. 

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