Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Five Cold Weather Beauty Fixes

The Contented Little Baby was my child-rearing "regime", The Confident Mom is my housework regime, but as for a skincare regime: meh, I have never bothered. And you can tell. Especially in wintertime and as I approach forty, I get the feeling I won't be able to ignore my skin much longer. However, I am morally and fiscally opposed to using any "You'll Look Like You're Twenty - Honest" range of products. Step away from the Botox : I really hope I will remain comfortable in my own skin for the rest of my life.

The following tips are from Jemma Kidd, the founder of Jemma Kidd Make Up School and author of Jemma's Make-up Secrets: Solutions to every woman's beauty issues and make-up dilemmas (£25, Jacqui Small LLP). From her expertly-written guide to make-up and beauty, I have picked the most simple pieces of advice - many cost little or nothing. The words in italics are mine.

1. "Exfoliate regularly to slough off the dull surface layer. This reveals brighter new skin and helps to prevent any dry or flaky patches." You don't need to buy a special product for this - you could just use a face flannel. I did try making an exfoliating mask / scrub out of crushed aspirins - an idea I got from India Knight's The Thrift Book  - but I found it too harsh.

2. "Swap serum for richer facial oil during the winter months to keep your skin supple and smooth." I made my own facial oil using two parts castor oil to one part olive oil, based on a recipe in Tsh Oxenreider’s marvellous and inspiring e-book, One Bite at a Time

3. "Stay away from any make-up in the orange colour family and choose cooler pinks and richer earthy or berry shades."

4.  "Don't put away the SPF  - even weak winter sun contains harmful UV rays, so use a minimum of Factor 30." Since I never put any sun protection on my face, I figure that anything is better than nothing. We have a number of creams and lotions left over from last summer which are still in-date. I figure I could mix this with my basic moisturiser to create one with SPF. 

5. "Always wear hand and nail cream to keep exposed hands protected and prevent them from drying out in the cold." I keep a jar of hand cream near the sink to remind me to put some on before donning my washing-up gloves. I refill it with body butter etc when it is empty - I never seem to get to the bottom of my body moisturiser stocks. I also keep hand cream and cuticle cream in my handbag - it's something to do when waiting for an appointment or my history seminar to begin.

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