Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pulling Yourself Together with Clean Mama

After the paralysing, demotivational No Man's Land between Christmas and New Year, I really have no more excuses but to get on with my New Year's Resolutions. The King vows to get his accounts in order on a regular basis instead of leaving it to the last minute. Cagey plans to eat more healthily...at least on week-days. Mrs Forward plans for it not to rain quite so much! Me, I have begun the 31 Days of Nothing challenge and that's enough boxes to tick for the time being. Essentially, I'm fortunate enough to be pretty content with my life at the moment, so I resolve to keep on doing what works.

If you're still looking for a resolution, I'd love to introduce you to Clean Mama's new ebook: Pulling Yourself Together:  Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks ($10, available here) which contains:

  • tools to de-clutter and organize your home in the midst of a busy life

  • methods to implement a cleaning routine that really works for you

  • strategies to continue with a perfected cleaning routine

  • 5 chapters with step by step methods for jump starting your de-cluttering and starting (or perfecting) your cleaning routine

  • You'll remember Clean Mama from the giveaway we did together in July 2012.Six printable guides are included to help you through each step of the process:

    De-Clutter Worksheet, 
    Weekly Cleaning Routine Checklist, 
    Week at a Glance, 
    Blank Week at a Glance, 
    Rotating Cleaning Schedule, 
    Blank Rotating Cleaning Schedule 

    Clutter and chaos taking over your life?  Ready to start pulling yourself together?  Hop on over to the Clean Mama blog to learn more about Pulling Yourself Together: Implementing a Cleaning Routine that Sticks  and to purchase your copy today!
    Use the code 10THANKYOU on your next order for 10% off Clean Mama printables. 

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