Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Soap-free skincare

Just as I was thinking of embarking on Project 30 (Switch to gentle, eco-friendly skincare) in Tsh Oxenreider’s marvellous and inspiring One Bite at a Time, I was asked by Inlight Organic Skincare if I wanted to review any of their range. Inlight’s belief is that each person is the fruit of what they experience, what they eat and drink and also what they apply to their skin. Serendipity happens a lot when you’re self-employed, I’ve found.

Having read about the Oil-Cleansing Method and nodded my head in recognition as Tsh Oxenreider described the dullness of her skin, post-30, and how it was dry and tight after washing, I was eager to give Inlight’s organic face oil a try. It would be a novelty to wash my skin with something so simple, soap-free and 100% organic, and I was intrigued as to whether the oil-cleansing method would work on my combination skin.

Inlight’s Daily Face Oil is rich in vitamin E from evening primrose oil and also contains blue mallow – chosen for its softening properties – and nourishing jojoba oil. When I read the ingredients list I was a little concerned that I would not like the smell of the product, but the rose, vanilla and lavender extracts combine in a very appealing way.

Although the Face Oil can be used to moisturise your skin and protect it from the daily onslaught of pollution and stress, and does so very effectively, I used it to cleanse my skin, following Oxenreider’s instructions.
  1. The oil is applied to the (dry) face with your fingertips and massaged in for about a minute.
  2. After this, wet a washcloth or muslin cloth with hot (but not scalding) water and lay it over your face for another minute. This is a good moment to act like an idiot in front of your kids, with your face covered up like an Egyptian Mummy.
  3. When the cloth has cooled down, and your pores have had a mini steam treatment, rinse and wring it out then gently wipe off the oil.
I noticed that my skin felt softer immediately and my mind also responded well to this gentle, cleansing ritual. I have been using the Inlight Facial Oil in this way every morning for about a week, and my skin is brighter and not greasy. Already I feel like I wouldn’t go back to soap, and I’m delighted to have seen the organic skincare light with Inlight. 
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