Monday, 20 August 2012

Simple pleasures #3: Patchwork birthday cards

Making birthday cards is a crafty activity I enjoy, as well as saving me money which I would rather spend on a birthday present. As you can see in the picture below, I have a wonderful, bespoke arts studio specially built for this purpose. ;) 

Photo : A Bayne
I keep my cards as simple as possible because I never have much uninterrupted time – there is always someone asking me to come and watch their latest gymnastic feat or lego construction – and also, the design is easy enough for a child to try if Prima or Secundus want to join in. 

This patchwork squares style card is my latest design. It is extremely adaptable - you can use it for all sorts of occasions and people - and cheap to make, as well as being pretty quick. A lot of my ideas come from Fast Cards by Sarah Beaman.

What you need is a variety of papers cut into squares of the same size. These can be cut from magazines, old photos, wrapping paper, old cards, craft paper printed off the internet or scrapbooking paper. Arrange these in a pleasing pattern on your card. Just like a patchwork quilt, it’s best if they have some colours in common and if you place a darker one next to a lighter-coloured one. Glue the squares on and trim any bits that go over the edge of the card. Then, with a fine black felt-tipped pen, mark little “stiches” on the edge of the squares so it looks like a patchwork.

Photo : A Bayne
It's a great idea to make cards in batches when the mood takes you and store them up with a few rolls of nondescript, gender-neutral wrapping paper somewhere. This takes the pressure off when your children are invited to three parties one month. 

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  1. Claire in Oxford18 November 2012 15:13

    What a great idea. I have boxes of old bday cards and CHristmas cards


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