Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Simple Pleasures #2: Dens

Photo : A Bayne
This works best for me if I provide a variety of den-building items, such as chairs, blankets, cushions and then start off the construction but - in true Idle Parent style - hand over responsibility to the children as soon as possible, as it makes them come up with solutions to blankets slipping etc.

I just have to set a couple of ground-rules otherwise they drag all the bedding downstairs and dismantle the sofa. The fun is in the actual building, it seems to me, but they are also more likely to play in something they have made themselves. 

Prima and Secundus like to eat snacks or lunch in their dens, whether outside or in, and enjoy games like Pretending to be Orphans. Or, just Lying About. 


  1. Dens definitely are a must for a fun childhood. Your two look very cosy in theirs.

    1. Thanks, and I love what you've made here: Such talent!


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