Friday, 3 August 2012

Simple Pleasures # 1 : The Button Box

Secundus spent a very happy three-quarters-of-an-hour playing with buttons from my button box, sorting them into different containers: “These are daddy’s in the green lidded one; he would like the sailor button and the one like a shark’s tooth”. I suggested he might like to play with the buttons instead of watching a programme while I was doing the dishes, but had no idea he would get so much joy out of it. I love seeing him so focussed, especially when he has made the game up himself.

Prima also enjoys playing with buttons but what she likes to do is to pick buttons which match her chosen colour scheme and thread them onto lengths of cotton thread. The result is a sort of hanging button mobile which we have decided looks nice dangling from tree branches, trellises and so on.

To read about the Rubbish Robot Secundus and I made, click here.


  1. Thanks for sharing on Eco Kids! I loved playing with buttons as a kid, and I shared my mom's button box with my daughter once:

    I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thanks for the follow and the comment, Becky. I'm off to check your blog out now!


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