Tuesday, 21 August 2012

De-clutter and multi-task in your bathroom with Calendula

Use everything up
If you’re short of space in your bathroom, one way to de-clutter your array of shampoos and skincare is simply to decide not to replace some items once they run out. Often we buy products simply from habit. Do we need shower gel and bath soap, for example? Is shaving foam really necessary? Couldn’t one product substitute for these three? Try doing without your intensive conditioning treatments, face masks, scrubs and see if you really miss them. Also vow not to buy any more toiletries until you have used up everything in your bathroom cabinet. Yes, even the bath oil you keep saving for a special occasion (or perhaps that’s just me). This will save you money as well.

The second approach is to by products that double-up in the first place. Try not to buy any toiletries that can only do one thing. Just like we mums find ourselves cleaning our teeth, using the loo and plucking our eyebrows at the same time, we need multi-tasking products. The newly-launched Calendula Baby Care Starter Kit of travel-sized baby essentials is a good example of products that have more than one function. It’s also a great size to pop in a changing bag when out and about. The new travel pack contains 5 mini sizes of Weleda’s top sellers, including the award-winning body wash. They are zipped into a handy waterproof pouch that is large enough to hold a spare nappy or a few wipes.

Our test
  • When we tested the Calendula Baby Care Starter Kit, Prima was excited that it came in its own pouch and suggested it would be good for make-up or for toothbrushes when we go on holiday. 
  • The kit includes Calendula face cream, which can be used to protect and care for even a baby’s delicate facial skin but, like the Calendula lotion also contained in the kit, can also be used as a gentle hand cream or body moisturiser for adults with sensitive skin. 
  • Nappy Change cream also has a number of uses apart from the obvious. It is good at reducing redness and preventing the development of soreness anywhere on the skin. Nappy cream is often recommended by tattooists for the care of tattoos, as I found a few months ago. 
  • As Prima and Secundus found, Calendula Shampoo and body wash is ideal for hair and skin cleansing and is also suitable for any member of the family. This means you could have just one bottle for the whole family to use in hair-washing and showering.
  • Lastly, Calendula Oil can be used to support even the youngest skin’s natural functions, in massage, or as a facial cleansing oil for adults.
Sowing the seeds
Another nice touch about the new Baby gift set is that it also includes a pack of organic calendula seeds, so parents can enjoy teaching their toddlers about nature. The vibrant orange flowers are ideal sown in the veg patch to attract insect life into the garden, or to create in a colourful window box, and couldn’t be easier to grow. Prima was particularly interested by this and we look forward to sowing the seeds this September. Calendula – something else that’s beautiful and that grows quickly. 


  1. Mine is "When Secundus Made Me a Card"

  2. I just love Weleda products, for all the family.

    Decluttering the bathroom is an ongoing thing for me. I am using up and enjoying special smellies started on holiday .....yummy :)


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