Monday, 4 June 2012

Gift-giving : Say it with words

It’s Jubilee, it’s wedding season, Fathers’ Day’s just around the corner and just about everyone I know is turning 40 this year. With the months of gloomy weather and the constant economic doom and gloom, it’s good to have something to celebrate, but the question is: who can afford it?

As communities unite to arrange street parties and politicians insist “We’re all in this together”, maybe it is time to take this newfound neighbourliness to the next level. Perhaps we really can share more and buy less. This has always applied to the loan of ladders and lawnmowers, but mums up and down the country could build on that idea with clothes-swap parties, car-sharing, passing on unwanted toys and games, and so on.
Networks like freecycle already achieve this on a grand scale but what I’m talking about is an “over the fence” mindset. From clearing paths of snow for elderly residents to simply sharing a glossy monthly with the lady next door before it goes in the recycling bin, there are many ways we can act for the benefit of others and it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to make someone’s day a bit more pleasant.

The same principle applies to giving gifts. So many of us mums are on a tight budget, yet we do want to give our close friends and relatives something special to celebrate milestones like weddings, the safe arrival of a baby or the “dreaded Big 40”. Times like this call for a gift that actually says something, but what to do if your budget is more lemonade than champagne?

Personalised Name Necklace £59

Personalised Freshwater Pearl Bracelet £25
A brilliant approach is to club together with friends or family members and buy one fantastic gift rather than an array of scented candles, mugs or photo frames. A personalised gift can be truly relevant to its recipient, reflecting his or her personality, identity and history. 

NotOnTheHighStreet has combined this meaningful concept with a range of elegant yet wearable jewellery. This is a wonderful way of immortalising a special message or word that speaks volumes and it’s the kind of present that everyone can contribute to, both financially, and in terms of the design. Instead of saying it with flowers, pick something equally beautiful that will last and last: say it with words. 

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  1. If you could pick a) a significant word
    b) a significant place
    c) a significant phrase
    for some jewellery like this, what would you choose?

    This is what I'd have: a) Courage
    b) Lancaster
    c) To thine own self be true.


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