Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mumtopia Supports Women in Business #2 : Magenta

Welcome to the second in a series celebrating women who run their own businesses. In this series, Mumtopia is pleased to encourage you to Sock It To The Man by supporting small businesses, not large corporations, and buying locally rather than from multinationals.

Magenta is one such business, creating beautiful and empowering new age products by hand. Middlesex-based Magenta has been selling her new age products on a very small scale in a couple of local shops but has now launched her new website. Visiting the Magenta website is like walking into the home of a wise and caring friend. You can tell Magenta is not only experienced in her palmistry and Celtic astrology work but is also dedicated to treating her customers as individuals. I can imagine that her Tarot workshops and Psychic parties must be enlightening and very popular.

Magenta's friendly website is only the beginning. When my parcel of goodies arrived, I was struck by her attention to detail and how clear it was that each item had been made individually, with care and flair. Even the labels are hand-written. No mass production line here, and many of the herbs and flowers used are grown in Magenta's own garden.

Magenta's Simmering Pot Pourri,  £3.75, which has been especially blended for simmering in hot water either in an oil burner or in a saucepan was the first of my goodies. As Autumn can often be a difficult time for me, echoing the return to school, the approach of my birthday and the clocks going back, I decided to chose her Autumn blend to help clear my negative associations with the season. Other blends available include new home/ love/ health and healing/ yule/ relaxing/ energising/ clearing negativity/meditation. Autumn is truly divine.

My daughter admired the earrings Magenta sent me, from her Gothic range of jewellery. "They make me think of Mulan" she decided (this, I stress, is A Good Thing). The Gothic range, which includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets, is made with chunky antique silver-finish metal and black resin beads, and is delicate, dark and mysterious. Starting at £4.95, each piece is hand-made and every one is made up slightly differently; it feels great to know that my earrings are unique.
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